I am now beginning again to working on my new book. I say starting back because I went through a real low or what to do and how to write it. I hear author's have that problem so guess I am normal.

I want to get this book out there because I just know it will touch the life of almost everyone. There will be a chapter in the book that will hit home for you my reader.
Life can be challenging but it helps if we can share some thoughts that helps our fellow man. I always write true story's so hopefully you will be drawn into this story as I have been told over and over again how the reader was drawn into my first little book: "Suicide"

See it on ebook Amazon Suicide - an ebook by Sarah Tyler: AVAILABLE NOW - ONLY $2.99

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Have a blessed day, remembering " Our God is in control"

Suicide - an ebook by Sarah Tyler: AVAILABLE NOW - ONLY $2.99

Suicide - an ebook by Sarah Tyler: AVAILABLE NOW - ONLY $2.99


On that cold and windy day in March of 1974, I was so very tired. After a day trip to Joplin, my husband Lanty and I were driving to our home on the Finley River, close to Nixa, MO. It had been a nerve-recking day, and little did I know it was about to get worse............. 

Author Sarah Tyler knows first hand what is like being left behind after a love one take their own life. 
This ebook will give families dealing with the lost of a love one from suicide some comfort and insight.
Available for only $2.99.

If you don't have an ereader, Suicide is available in booklet form for $4.99 (sent to you by USPS). For more information, please contact the author at sltllc@sbcglobal.net.